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After seven years, group recognized by 'U' once again - Campus Life

I am guilty of blog neglect (due to the fact that I refuse to neglect my children).

The fact still remains, this issue is an important one for me and many others. The SCC and the Native American community (joined by other communities of color) have selflessly tried to bring attention to this issue for no reason other than the "bastardization of Native American culture," as Joe Rielly, SCC spokesperson used to put it.

This news came out earlier this year:
After seven years, group recognized by 'U' once again - Campus Life

Although there is a factual issue that needs to be addressed: Michigamua's failure to be recognized as an official student group after 2000 was a result of the preferential treatment they had thus received from the University. Furthermore, the group themselves decided not to follow the rules and apply as a regular student group so as to regain space at the Michigan Union.

More to come (soon I hope), as I would like to discuss this issue of name change and some of the good points Rob raises in his post at The Goodspeed Update

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BSU ousts and outs Michigamua member

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hillel leader Michigamua member

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Daily Editor in Chief to join Michigamua

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Michigamua Name Change Confirmed

Michigamua Name Changed Confirmed by the Michigan Daily yesterday... Does this mean the end of the controversy? This comes at an interesting time, because I had an idea for a posting about why "progressive" students are joining Michigamua, are they really trying to infiltrate and change? Or is it self-motivation with a lesser agenda of change? I thought long and hard on this and will be sharing my thoughts on this later this weekend. But first, a reminder... To those of you elusive fellow SCC members, there is a documentary premiere tonight at the Michigan Theater about Michigamua. I hope to see all of you there.. Oh yeah, it starts at 7pm... For more information, or to view the trailer, visit M-agination Films

Monday, April 10, 2006

Name that Org!

Rob Goodspeed has announced that he will be sponsoring a "name that organization" contest for the purported renaming of Michigamua. Please visit the Goodspeed Update to submit your ideas for Michigamua's new name.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

SCC Reunion?

The "Fight Like Hell" trailer was recently released and I am attempting to organize a Students of Color Coalition reunion of sorts. I look forward to seeing firsthand what spin this documentary has...

Friday, March 24, 2006

A2 Pow Wow- UM Chrysler Arena

Just a reminder that the Ann Arbor Pow Wow is going to be at Chrysler Arena at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor this weekend. Get out and support the Native Community!!!!

Michigamua Name Change????

Rumor has it that Michigamua will be announcing a name change, if the "Old Wolves" grant their approval that is.. Apparently the latest "Pride" (Michigamua members) are trying to change the name to the "Pride of Michigan". Alas, only time will tell...Can anyone verify this? Does Michigamua want to comment?

I just got one question, Can we get rid of this plaque then???

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eunice Royster Harper and the University of Michigan Administration: The lies never stop

C'mon Royster, just tell the truth....

Monday, March 20, 2006

Michigamua Documentary

Trailer for the Michigamua Documentary coming out on April 13, 2006 at the Michigan Theatre. You know I will be there.. Thank you fellow blogger and only commentator, dbtg, for submitting it.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Timeline and Michigan Daily Links to the 2000 Occupation Articles (incomplete)

February 7, 2000 The day after the SCC took over the Michigan Union Tower and began their 37 day sit-in..

February 9, 2000 we began to give tours of the wigwam and the campus finally saw just what all the "fuss is about".

February 10, 2000 marked the fifth day of the occupation and we started to see published support for our cause..

There are several February 11, 2000 articles, here is the index, one is about a rally in support of the SCC, another is about a Michigamua alumni and his response to the protest, and still another is about the current (2000) Michigamua member's reaction. Surprisingly enough, a Michigamua member agreed with the SCC publicly by stating that "space allocation is a secondary issue, pain is the first issue" (or something to that effect, please see this link for the specific quote).

February 18, 2000 By the second week of the protest, we had several related articles running in the daily at a given time. By this time, we had decided to call out for some support and potentially national attention to the issue. It was clear by the second week that the University was going to try and sit us out, while we sat-in... So, we called Rev. Al Sharpton. An editorial about his expected visit is here. His visit was announced a few days earlier by one of his representatives. Some student reactions to the protest are included in this article. Finally, we made our presence known at several meetings of the Board of Regents. A few days before, SOLE began an occupation of the LSA Dean's office. It quickly became clear that Bollinger was much quicker in meeting with those students than he was with the SCC.. After less than 72 hours of occupation, the SOLE group had a signed agreement by President Bollinger and the occupation ended, at least they were supportive and acknowledged this.

Many accusations were leveled against the SCC during the occupation, but one letter in particular sums up the bunch.. In reality though, the SCC made no threats, stole no property, and broke no laws. Everything we were accused of doing to Michigamua they in turn did do to us in one form or another. This letter-writer called us terrorists... Ironically enough, this was before 9/11.. I don't know maybe post 9-11 people would be less likely to make such drastic comments..

By February 25, 2000 we were sick of waiting for the University to act, so we decided to take matters a little further into our own hands. According to this Daily article, the
SCC Stormed a Lecture on Free Speech to be given by Bollinger, but I must say it was slightly less dramatic than that. It was, however, dramatic in the sense that, the SCC did effectively shut down President Bollinger's planned speech, still we would have preferred that he stayed and listened instead of running off. Later that night, we assembled again on the lawn of Bollinger's Presidential Palace and held a BBQ! Hey at least he paid for the hotdogs he ate!

It's funny how he tried to be our "buddy" after all that had transpired. Bollinger knew that Michigamua was wrong for disobeying the agreement of 1989, but decided that it was politically infeasible to publicly denounce them for breaking the agreement. Instead, his early stance expressed that he would not have advocated or even allowed such a contract had he been at UM in 1989 (we did point out to Bollinger that he was in fact, at UM in 1989, as Dean of the Law School). Bollinger's "buddy buddy" act was likely for publicity, because the Michigan Daily had spared no expense covering the tower occupation (click on link and search: SCC michigamua).


This post is a work in progress. It is designed to give all of the visitors to this site who aren't familiar with the issue of Michigamua and the SCC some background information quickly. I do not necessarily agree with everything in these articles, nor do they necessarily accurately reflect what was going on at the time. However, due to time constraints at the moment, it is the best I can do..

IMPORTANT LINK: Michigan Daily Archives 1995-2001

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Purported Fact Sheet of Michigamua and University Relationship

Official UM Fact Sheet and their relationship with Michigamua

I will be analyzing and commenting on this at a later time.

Will Shannon ever be vindicated???? Royster apologize?

A picture of a support rally for the SCC, during the occupation of 2000.
Here is a letter summarizing the situation of our beloved, Shannon Martin: Shannon Deserves an Apology, but will she ever truly be vindicated? Despite having been acquitted, doesn't she deserve an apology from the University. More importantly, a personal apology from Eunice Royster Harper, who testified against Shannon at her trial. An even better cause than suing Michigamua, would be better served by suing the University for wrongful termination for Shannon Martin. Unfortunately, it appears as though the statute of limitations has run its toll.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Letter to the Editor in Feb 2006, echos SCC in 2000

This letter to the editor calls out former Michigamua member, Charles "Buffalo Calves" Murray Alum : Calling out Michigamua. Remember, in 2000, SCC members called for the name change of Michigamua- particularly in response to their breach of the 1989 contract/ agreement at the center of litigation today."Buffalo Calves" Murray's ignorant defense of Michigamua can be viewed here. Michigamua members being inducted in 1966. Charles "Buffalo Calves" Murray probably went through a similar initiation. This is meant to honor Native Americans??????

Thursday, March 02, 2006

One of the most rational (of recent) letters to the editor regarding Michigamua

Sometimes rational minds prevail...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wigwam Specifications, Native American bust

On our right, we have a photocopy of the actual digest of
plans and specifications for the wigwam's construction. Although I must say, after spending 37 days in there, the plans makes it look much bigger than it actually is.

On our left, we have a visit from Rev. Al Sharpton's then, midwest regional coordinator for his National Action Network. The Rev. Al Sharpton graciously supported the Students of Color Coalition in their occupation of the Michigamua wigwam in 2000. He not only provided much needed press coverage, but he framed the issue for the world- as one of basic humanity- dignity and respect. In this photograph you can see the outline of the wigwam and a Native American bust found inside the wigwam.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blogger defends Michigamua members

In randomness... a blogger defends her friend, a current "Pride of 2006" member. I have decided to comment on this only because this issue has popped back up time and time again since our occupation in 2000 of the Michigamua wigwam. This issue surfaced in 2000 during the occupation when then Pride of 2000 president, Nick Delgado, expressed concern over being labeled a racist for becoming a Michigamua member.

Is it fair to label someone with organizational ties a racist because of those ties? I will leave that question open for debate. However, consider this- If an individual joined the KKK and their purpose was to transform the organization from the inside out, would you consider that person racist? It's a tough analogy, because despite my contempt for the practices of Michigamua, their sole purpose is not the destruction of Native American people, even though their actions are contributing to the same. The KKK on the other hand, has the sole purpose of white supremacy and the destruction of racial minorities (or anything non-white, non-protestant).

It is a difficult issue. On the one hand racism is much more covert than it once was. I can argue that Michigamua causes as much pain and distress as the KKK if one was to look at covert forms of racism and cultural degradation. Not to mention the University of Michigan's responsibility and role in institutionalized racism.

The primary issue with Michigamua is the alumni or Old Wolves council and the organization's legacy. The Old Wolves council has no intentions of changing the offensive nature of the organization, be it the organization name, the pseudo-naming of members, the use of symbolism and references, all insulting to Native American culture, traditions and values. It was clear after the tower takeover that Michigamua had not only violated the 1989 agreement, but made a mockery of it. Every year that Native students have protested Michigamua and their practices, current pride members ask to engage in dialogue. Can you see how circular this process is? With a turnover each year of new pride members, and a turnover every four-eight years or so of students (graduate and undergraduate), the call for dialogue becomes hollow. There needs to be continuity from pride to pride, class to class. The alumni or Old Wolves rely on this tactic each year to keep tradition alive- they shoulder the responsibility on the new pride and those members are often as clueless about what is going on as the general campus was and still is. However, to absolve Michigamua as an organizational whole, of this responsibility is a travesty, because the one thing that remains constant from year to year is MICHIGAMUA and their offense to Native Americans.

Royster speaks on Michigamua, again..Claims U has no ties

Royster, in a letter to the University Community, calls the lawsuit against U, Michigamua, destructive... You may remember that the SCC Occupation uncovered that Michigamua had, at least on one occassion, been over to Royster's house. Also during the occupation, their ties to the administration became ever apparent.

***More links to this issue coming soon.

Ahhh remember the days? Pictured right, Royster Harper at a meeting where she was blasted by over 450 members of the community gathered by the SCC.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Third plaintiff added to suit against 'U' and Michigamua

At a press conference yesterday, Chris Bell made his first public comments about the lawsuit he filed against the University of Michigan and Michigamua. He also announced that a third plaintiff was added to the suit. Karen "Snake" Brewer, a former employee, resigned shortly after the occupation and the University administrations failure to act during the Students of Color protest.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Michigamua Members: Hazing in the Wigwam

This picture was taken sometime in the early 1990's (If you look closely you can see a datestamp on the picture I believe it says 1996' or 1991'). Of course, hazing is supposedly not allowed on campus either.. Another example of Michigamua privilege?

Monday, February 20, 2006

In 2000, Michigamua President Admits Wrongdoing

I found an old article from the occupation of 2000 that further defends the Students of Color Coalition from the allegations that they had falsely claimed that Michigamua violated the 1989 Contract. In this article, Nick Delgado, then acting president of Michigamua, admits that the SCC did find offensive references to Native culture (even though he denied knowledge of the items existence). Furthermore, I cannot stress enough that room that the SCC occupied was a mock "wigwam", complete with blood-red painting on fake birch-bark, and adornments such as "the great scalper yost", among other things.

Friday, February 17, 2006

President Ford and His Role In Michigamua

Plenty of insulting references to Native Culture here, and by a former U.S. President. During the 2000 Occupation, we made t-shirts that mocked ole' "Flippum Back" and his "fighting braves of Michigamua"....

The 1989 Contract between Native American Student complainant and Michigamua

I lied, turns out Blogger makes
Blogging pretty easy and I uploaded
this contract a few minutes after
I posted the link below.. Enjoy. I will post
more Michigamua pictures, including those
taken during the 2000 occupation as soon
as time (and my daughter) permits.

Links to the Complaint and Contract

Here is the contract in dispute between Michigamua and members of the Native American community. Thanks to Rob Goodspeed for being more technologically advanced than me, because I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to have pictures hosted elsewhere and linked to within. If you are interested in viewing the complaint, please click here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Michigamua in the News Again- Alum and UM Employee file Lawsuit

Having just been reacquainted with cyberland, I am realizing some of my former passions... Since I have learned that most of the sites formerly used to expose Michigamua are no longer up and running (although Rob Goodspeed of The GoodSpeed Update seems to have a pretty good thing going, I figured it is time that one of us, a member of the Students of Color Coalition puts a site up....

And for the grand opening of this blog.....
Alum slaps 'U' with lawsuit
Well this news is interesting, to say the least.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here is a little background. It started, ultimately, with colonialism and the colonization of Native Americans, among other culminated with the 37 day occupation of the University of Michigan Union Tower beginning on February 6, 2000 (please visit
Michigan Daily and search the archives for "students of color" and michigamua for more information or just click here).

Please check this link for an actual letter from the tower, during the 2000 occupation.

It is going to be a slow process of getting all of the information posted to this site, but I will be diligent.